AURO Mask App provides a smarter and simpler skincare solution. With build-in tutorial program, controller, and historical data, user can enjoy skincare easily and efficiently.​

My role: Lead UX/UI Designer.



The initial wireframe is created by hand sketch, then with wireframe tool "Axure". With no existing product available on the market that we could learn from, we compared weight loss Apps and exercise tracking Apps to analyze the essential features that TA would possibly like to use and value the most.

Since this is a relatively new technology for skincare, we arranged many interviews including face to face or via social media to know how people will react with this new product and also to see who will be a good trigger for the initial adopter. 


User Interface

Since the product is targetting female populations, the interface design is more feminine and the color palette is selected to be closer to the skin tone to refer to its function for skincare. We keep the design simple and straight forward.



AURO Mask benefited from simplified steps and easy access. User does not need to enter the app with account information which is a nightmare for lots of users according to many reports. AURO Mask users tend to download this app because of its instructive sessions and historical data review. In the future we would like to add more features to attract more users to download the app.