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"80% of environmental impacts are determined in the design stage"

US National Research Council (NRC), 1991

CV_Wei-Ting Fu

Castle Rock State Park, California

My first encounter with the claim "80% of environmental impacts are determined in the design stage" was when I immersed myself in the library of San Francisco State University doing my thesis research about sustainable packaging back in 2013. I was thrilled about the impact a designer can have and cheerfully pictured my future career positively impacting the world at large.

Since then, I was determined to use design as a tool to make a tangible difference to the benefits of mankind and the environment during any opportunity that presents itself.


Through the years of working in different industries (IoT, entertainment and mining) and working with many brilliant professionals, I enjoy opening myself up to learning new ways in which design can help contribute to having a positive impact on the world. The journey through learning inclusive design, ethical design, circular design and many other design principles keeps expanding my knowledge and imagination far beyond what I thought I could do with design when I graduated from school. And the fascinating thing I found is to implement what I learned into practice: not only to deliver a product with good user experience but also be able to pass on the power of design to others who worked with me.


The world is moving faster and faster; there are always new problems emerging and waiting for someone to solve it. No matter what kind of challenges they are, I believe that the iterative, user-centred design thinking approach and cross-functional collaborative work are the timeless principles that can help to tackle any problem. 




UX/UI Designer @ Sky UK

Focused on data-driven design approach in designing TV user journeys for Europe's largest and leading media/entertainment company with millions of weekly viewers across Europe.

+ Shaped new features to improve Interactive TV user experience on both Sky Q & Sky plus.

+ Redesigned Sky plus interface to improve Interactive TV user experiences which successfully reduced dropouts (-20%) and increased conversion rates (+28%) across the 2 million subscribed platform. 

+ Responsible for design concepts and the end-to-end user journeys for both Sky Q & Sky plus.

+ Creation and analysis of data dashboard to monitor product performance of customer journeys. Utilised by the full interactive TV team.


Freelance Visual Designer

+ Utilized Adobe Creative Suite and hand

sketching to illustrate concepts and layouts for commercial promotional materials/ Prepared web and print-press ready files.

+ Designed 2D Products, including business

cards and holiday/special occasion cards for varied clients.

+ Graphic design for skincare and cosmetics company/ Conducted market research and competitor analysis/ Drafted prototypes for soap and packaging/ Worked with the manufacturer in China.


Sr. Product Designer @ GemFair

Lead design vision and strategy across the entire product lifecycle for the world's first digital traceability system for the diamond supply chain in the Artisanal Small-scale Mined (ASM) sector.
I established a robust design process while growing/leading an in-house design team.

+ Design connected digital apps for the diamond supply chain to ensure source to market traceability and transparency. Over 2100 carats of traceable diamonds have been processed through the apps.

+ Drive for continual improvement and innovation to support business strategies and to improve the Pirate Metrics (The AARRR Framework). Especially improved +35% activation from the system design project I led.


+ Manage the design team, delegate projects and set appropriate targets for the team member while providing consultation and mentorship.

+ Collaborate closely with engineers and stakeholders throughout the design process by creating user journeys, wireframes, and prototypes.

+ Commence the design and social media strategies for the new strategic initiative. Lead several test plans to validate the business models and adapt agile in business opportunities exploration.

+ Lead monthly team discussions with emerging tech or design methods around the digital world and host quarterly workshops for team collaboration.


UX/UI Designer @ Quanta Computer Inc.

Created end-to-end digital product design for the Internet of Things smart home devices and also their commercial portfolio including brand identities, web design and marketing materials.


+ Responsible for wireframing, visualizing, and defining designs for mobile, tablet, and desktop.
+ End-to-end digital product design for the smart home device - EQL collections. Defined and visualized user interface for both iOS, Android and interactive design for LED indicators based on user experiences. 

+ Led design on AuroMask which is selected as a product to represent Quanta on the CES shows in 2017 at Las Vegas.

+ Collaborated with the marketing team to strategize and defining the user experience for the product website, including visual design role for branding and marketing of the IoT smart home appliances.