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GemFair is the first of its kind to trace ASM diamonds to the source. Through its innovative technological solutions, key partnerships and a dedicated local field team, GemFair provide a secure and transparent route to market for the ASM mining sector while helping improve working conditions and livelihoods for those working in mining communities.

Leading and managing product design, definition, and strategy of a connected digital system for the diamond industry in the ASM sector.

As the Product Designer lead, I work in a cross-functional team, my responsibilities range from defining business goals, leading the end-to-end product design and working closely with the development team to ensure we deliver useful products meeting user and business goals. A large part of my role is to collaborate between multidisciplinary teams and being an advocate for design thinking in the organization.

I believe to have a healthy and innovative working environment happens when cross-functional teams collaborate with each other and collaboration doesn't always need to be work-oriented. To help in creating a better work culture, I facilitate workshops and host "Open Cafe"- a monthly event offering a safe environment for the team to freely discuss topics including inclusive design, how developers and designers can better collaborate, and privacy in the digital world, etc.


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