My Sky 2.0

The Product team wanted to explore new ways to challenge the existing My Sky journey as we transitioned from standard definition (SD) to high definition (HD)​ following by the increased HD channels on Sky Plus HD Set-top Box and its upgraded tech capabilities. The goal was not just to change to HD but to present a more personalised and exciting journey for Sky plus customers. 

My role: UX/UI Designer


Four main approaches we took for this concept design:

Dynamic navigation system

We started exploring the navigation of My Sky journey. It used to be rigidly navigated from page to page, up and down. The new design dynamically allows users to navigate from left to right for the main menu and continually scroll to discover more content without pagination.

Enriched content

We improved the visuals by applying more hero images to enrich the content and added relative visual aids, such as icons and graphics, to make the content easier to understand at a glance.


The content is provided according to the user's viewing history and preference, presenting more tailored information and data. 


We wanted to make My Sky a home entertainment hub and have the ability to integrate it with other Sky products.


To be able to best present the new My Sky concept and explore the new ways of navigation, I worked closely with the Prototyper on this project. The prototypes played an important part of this project, allowing us to test the interaction with the remote control and feel the actual experience. Through various experiments and iterations with the Prototyper, we presented our concept as a real product. 

My Sky overview

Upgrade journey

My Sky menu

Key screen_HD_manu.jpg

My Sky scrollable content

Key screen_content.jpg


The new My Sky concept was very well received from the Interactive TV team, the head of Sky Plus Engineering and his team. It also attracted attention from other departments who work on the core features (such as the TV guide and Sky store), and they wanted to extend the concept into other TV apps.