Sky plus transformation

New My Sky panel interactive interface allows Sky customers to have an easy access to manage their Sky accounts without losing their viewing experience. My Sky panel aims to change the past full screen and complicate user journeys to panel size and much more accessible and simpler user experience.   

My role: Lead UXUI Designer

Delivered more than 10 journeys for Sky Plus


Customer journey on TV app took over the full screen which disconnected their viewing experiences. 


Create better user viewing experience in reducing TV app size into a panel size with more appealing UI and intuitive navigation through remote controller.


User research

After the project brief from the Product Owner to get the clear ideas of the requirements from a business perspective. I started gathering all the information I could get from the related journeys in different platforms (, Sky apps and journeys on TV). Also I would get data insights from past user behaviours, research about dropouts and performances from individual pages and from overall feedback. This helped me get to know about our users and have directions to improve the journey.


Some other research methods we would use at this stage including Surveys and Questionnaires, guerrilla testing, card sorting and interviews.

Example of card sorting usability testing

Data dashboard from Adobe omniture and Grafana 



The wireframe stages helps us to have a clear overview of the user journey, including user happy path, unhappy path and edge-case scenarios. Especially for TV interface, the navigation through pages can be very challenging by using remote. We would create a prototype to test out the flow and navigation. This stage normally involves Product Owners, designers, developers and some times data scientists. 

Wireframes for service journeys on Sky Plus


User Interface

The challenges to redesign UI for Sky Plus, we simplified the journeys in clear and easy understand steps, serving rich and related images. Also, we got rid most of the instructional text and replaced with smarter tiles to serve the most relevant information for customers.


User testing

In order to get feedback from My Sky panel launch, we conducted two days of usability test in a lab. We worked closely with the user testing team to come up with the questions we'd like to ask and the user tasks. The results from the user testing session has been reviewed with the team and helped us to improve some of the journey that decreased the dropouts and increased the success rates.

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