Track My Order

Track My Order was a new feature added to the Sky Q TV STB (Set-top box) to offer an added value for Sky Q customer to track their Sky product orders directly from their TV.

This feature aims to allow customers to track their orders from Sky including order details, customer service appointments and rescheduling, and order history. Sky customers can also view their bill details from the same entry.

My role: Lead UXUI Designer


The Track My Order feature was available on other Sky platforms (mobile app, online and Sky plus STB) but was unavailable on Sky Q STB which was fairly new to the market and had limited features. Adding Track My Order was prioritised due to the statistics showing high customer service demand for the feature.


TV is an intuitive and direct platform. When customers want to check with their TV-related services, this feature provides value to customers to track their orders conveniently and benefits the business by decreasing exhaustion in the customer service call centre.


We wanted to offer customers a seamless experience without interrupting their viewing experience. Therefore, our goal was to let customers navigate their TV account while keeping what they were watching on screen.


The main strategy for this project focused on visually structuring the content to avoid overwhelming users with two screens.


I researched and compared similar features of and the Sky mobile app, and also other similar apps like Uber, Deliveroo and Amazon on how they prioritised the content and UX solutions. 

After several iterations along with user interviews, I made various prototypes that also considered how users navigate via the remote control. 


After validating the design via prototypes with users, product owners and the developers, the final solution was presented with three main screens:

Order Overview: Provides users with high-level information needed with only one click.

Detail Page: Shows details of each order with its progress and more actions if needed.

More Actions: Offers a deeper level of the journey that users can take according to different scenarios,

e.g. View bills and Reschedule. 

The interaction is also integrated with Sky Q global interaction guidelines to give users a consistent and intuitive experience.

track my order Q screens_new.jpg