Smart Appliance Control

Smart Appliance Control is a device that controls home appliances remotely through bluetooth/IR/WiFi. It is designed to make daily life much easier by empowering users to control home appliances anytime and anywhere.  

Lead UI Designer/

UX Team member.

Help people to adopt IoT technologies. 

Find out the most feasible and meaningful features people would like to use via our product.


The Lead UX designer used wireframe tool "Pencil" to create the concept of Home Appliance Control.

With many rounds of discussion and collaborative sketches, we've created several wireframe iterations aimed to simplified the user flow. With the help of Pencil's prototype, we were able to test it with engineers, users and other stakeholders to see if the flow is intuitive and well instructed. 

User Interface

Smart Appliance Control is a powerful app that demonstrates many features. The design focuses on its continuous and streamlined steps. 

Besides icons we use color coding to help user to identify different functions more easily.








User Testing

The result of usability tests found that people are mostly frustrated during setting up the controller. The user testing helped us to iterate and refine the set up process which we can see we've made progress from apple store and google play reviews.


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